Manny Lewis

Actor Profiles

Manny Lewis features an All-Star Australian Cast including Leeanna Walsman, Roy Billing and Damien Garvey. Before casting the film Carl Barron, Director Anthony Mir and Producer Martin Fabinyi talked about who would be ideal for the cast, and were blessed with good timing and keen interest from the actors they had considered during the writing process. With acting experience ranging from Carl’s Barron’s first film to Roy Billing’s long and successful career, each actor brings a unique dynamic to the film.

CARL BARRON – Manny Lewis

Carl Barron was born in Longreach, a small town in Central Queensland, the son of a sheep shearer. He has grown to now be, at present, Australia’s most successful live comedian. His gentle, honest and observational comedic style has touched the hearts of millions.

Carl has released four best-selling DVDs. Carl Barron LIVE! is the most successful Australian Stand-Up Comedy DVD in Australian retail history. With over 4.6 million views on his official YouTube channel, close to a million fans on Facebook, and half a million DVDs sold, Carl Barron is an Australian Icon.

For director Anthony Mir, Carl’s focus was key to the successful transition between stand up comedy and acting: “He knows when to go to work – when it’s crunch time. If you need something in the moment, he will always deliver.” Despite not coming to the role as a ‘trained actor’, Roy Billing says of Carl: “I think we both performed from a base of realness – you just go with it and the emotions come out.”