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“It’s about a lonely comedian who tries his hand at love” – Carl Barron

Successful Australian comic MANNY LEWIS finds himself at the height of his popularity, and at the depths of his loneliness. After meeting the beautiful and complex MARIA, Manny sees he may be falling for her, can he trust love, or will he risk it all for fame?

Needing a break from stand up comedy, Carl always had an idea for a love story developing in the back of his mind. Enlisting the help of director and friend Anthony Mir to write the script, Carl knew that this particular tale was “not a story you can tell in front of a stand up crowd” and that in order to tell a truthful tale the ‘bloke’ would have to be based on himself. As Damien Garvey says, “a lot of Carl’s life is in there, and I think it’s very brave to do a movie that’s so personal.”

Carl Baroon


“I had an idea for a film, and like everything else I’ve done, there comes a time where I’m just going to do it. It was an opportunity to collaborate and not have it all on my shoulders, even though it’s my big fat head out there on the screen.”


Both Carl and Anthony found making the film a dream job in terms of working with a friend who is also great at what they do. Anthony says: “What I find with a lot of comics is that they play themselves really well – they come with all their dimensions, and if you can tap into who they are as a person, it’s magic.”